El Sabor's UAE Success Story: Bavico's Strategy for Expanding a Mexican Snack Brand

Discover how Bavico masterfully guided El Sabor, a renowned mexican snack brand, in its strategic journey to captivate the UAE market, blending cultural finesse with business savvy.

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About this project

For over 15 years, Bavico has partnered with El Sabor, a Mexican tortilla chip producer, to successfully establish and expand its presence in the UAE market. This long-term collaboration has focused on adapting marketing strategies and products to local UAE preferences, leading to enhanced brand recognition, an expanded distribution network, and a solid market foothold.


Brand Localization

Distribution Network Expansion

Localized Marketing Strategies


FMCG Distribution


About the Client: El Sabor

El Sabor, established in 1992 in Greece, is a pioneer in producing tortilla chips in South Eastern Europe. Operating from a 5000-square-meter facility in Inofita, they specialize in nacho chips, dips, and wraps. Known for their innovative packaging and diverse product sizes, El Sabor caters to both retail and foodservice sectors. With a significant presence in the Greek market, they have expanded to export products to 20 countries, focusing on quality and competitive pricing.


About the Project

Bavico exclusively partnered with El Sabor in the UAE to elevate their brand presence and market reach. The project entailed developing targeted marketing strategies and distribution channels suitable for the UAE market.


Client's Challenges

El Sabor faced the challenge of entering and establishing a foothold in the competitive UAE market while retaining their brand essence and product quality.


Client's Expectations

El Sabor aimed to expand their market share in UAE, strengthen brand recognition, and adapt their product offerings to meet local consumer preferences.


The Role of Bavico

Bavico's involvement was crucial in market analysis, developing a localized marketing strategy, and establishing a robust distribution network in the UAE.

Approach to the Challenge

Bavico employed a strategy focusing on understanding the UAE market dynamics, customizing marketing efforts, and ensuring product alignment with local tastes and culinary traditions.



  • Market Penetration:
  • Successful entry and establishment in the UAE market.
  • Brand Adaptation:
  • Effective localization of El Sabor's brand to resonate with UAE consumers.
  • Distribution Network Expansion:
  • Establishment of a comprehensive distribution network across the UAE.
  • Product Customization:
  • Introduction of products tailored to the preferences of the UAE market.

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