Turning Misson's Vision to our Mission

Dive into the flavorful journey of Mission Foods as they spice up the UAE and Germany's culinary scene, leveraging Coregenion and Bavico's expertise to masterfully blend traditional Mexican flavors with local tastes for an unforgettable digital transformation.

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About this project

Mission Foods, specializing in Mexican cuisine in the UAE and Germany, collaborated with Bavico to boost their digital visibility and adapt to local markets. This partnership, focusing on website localization and digital marketing, led to increased brand awareness, higher website traffic, and improved market share, effectively aligning Mission Foods with the distinct tastes and preferences of these regions.


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About the Client: Mission Foods

Mission Foods, a prominent brand in the UAE and Germany, specializes in Mexican culinary products. Their target audience includes diverse consumers seeking authentic, quality Mexican food items. The company faced challenges in market penetration and digital visibility in these regions.

About the Project

Coregenion or Bavico partnered with Mission Foods to enhance their online presence. The project focused on developing a culturally tailored website and digital marketing strategies to resonate with local tastes and preferences in the UAE and Germany.

Client's Challenges

Mission Foods' main challenge was adapting to the unique cultural and consumer preferences in the UAE and Germany, while maintaining their brand identity.

Client's Expectations

Mission Foods aimed to establish a strong brand presence, increase market share, and boost online engagement in the UAE and Germany.

The Role of Coregenion and Bavico

Coregenion or Bavico played a crucial role in website localization, digital marketing, and SEO optimization, aligning Mission Foods' offerings with regional consumer behavior and preferences.

Approach to the Challenge

The strategy included a deep dive into local market trends, consumer behavior analysis, and SEO-optimized content that highlights Mission Foods' unique selling points tailored for UAE and German audiences.


  • Enhanced Brand Recognition:
    Marked increase in brand awareness in the UAE and Germany.
  • Increased Website Traffic:
    Significant growth in online visitors, exceeding initial targets.
  • Improved Customer Engagement:
    Higher interaction rates on digital platforms.
  • Market Share Growth:
    Substantial rise in market share within targeted regions.
  • Culturally Tailored Branding:
    Successful localization of brand message resonating with local audiences.

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