Customer Centricity approach at Sofri Energy Cosmetics

Seamless and consistent purchasing experience tailored according a strict customer centered approach for Sofri´s B2C- and B2B- clients

Ship 2023
About this project

Due to having very high standards, Otodom had trouble finding Product Designers that could satisfy the needs of the product, stakeholders, and users. Netguru provided experts who were able to contribute to OKRs and strategy across different business teams, while generating added value for users.


Software Development

Product Design



About the client

Sofri is a German-based skincare and beauty brand, specializing in vegan and holistic products. Their target audience includes environmentally conscious consumers seeking high-quality, sustainable skincare options. Sofri faced challenges in expanding their online presence and needed a robust e-commerce solution to cater to a growing digital customer base.


About the project

Coregenion or Bavico collaborated with Sofri to develop a comprehensive e-commerce platform. The project involved creating an intuitive online shopping experience, integrating advanced product categorization, and ensuring a secure payment system.


Client's challenges

Sofri's primary challenge was transitioning from a traditional retail model to a dynamic online platform. They needed a system that could handle a diverse product range and provide an engaging user experience.


Client's expectations

Sofri aimed to increase their online sales, enhance customer engagement, and improve their digital footprint. They expected a user-friendly, scalable, and secure e-commerce platform from Coregenion or Bavico.


The role of Coregenion and Bavico

Coregenion or Bavico's role was pivotal in web development and design. They provided services like website architecture, UI/UX design, and cybersecurity integration. Their expertise was crucial in addressing Sofri's e-commerce requirements.

Approach to the challenge

The approach involved a detailed analysis of Sofri's product range and customer demographics. Coregenion or Bavico focused on creating a user-centric design, efficient navigation, and implementing SEO strategies.




  • Increased Online Traffic
    Significant growth in website visitors.
  • Boosted Sales
    Noticeable rise in online sales figures.
  • Positive User Feedback
    Users appreciated the platform's ease of use and design.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
    Improved metrics in customer interaction and participation.
  • Higher Retention Rate
    Greater customer loyalty and repeat visits noted.


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